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LFMA’s 65th Anniversary
August 3, 2022
Official Opening of the Luxembourg Financial Year 2023
January 27, 2023

LFMA’s Food & Forex

In order to have regular feedback and input on how LFMA can improve the service to its members and the Financial Marketplace Luxembourg, we started in 2009 to organise a bi-annual “LFMA Dinner”. 

The reason for organizing the dinner was also to build up trust between banks and facilitate sharing of views and experience. This was to overcome the lack of trust and confidence during the 2008 crisis that prevented banks from working with each other.

In a context marked by geopolitical risk, our keynote speaker, Alastair Newton referenced the quote generally (mis-) attributed to Mark Twain that history “rhymes”. Only by understanding the reasons behind these “rhymes” can policymakers and investors alike reasonably anticipate the challenges to come and respond appropriately. 

The dinner has also opened a window for a talk on the upcoming Italian elections with our special guest, Claudia Segre, President of Global Thinking Foundation who shared some valuable insights during her presentation titled: 

Between Green and Gray: true colours of a post elections’ Italian landscape.