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Established in 1957 under the name of Forex Club Luxembourg, today the Luxembourg Financial Markets Associations (LFMA) has 400 members employed by over 70 financial institutions representing the professional interests of their profession.

LFMA is a NON PROFIT Association of wholesale financial market participants which plays an active role in the broad evolution of the international banking industry with the main task of offering an added value to the members. It is the platform for interaction between the Regulator, Central Bank and financial market participants expressing our members’ opinions in ongoing industry debate. Our membership is in a large part engaged within the financial services, trading and sales environment in the global financial markets. Representing the Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate Products and other Securities, Banknotes & Bullion, Precious Metals, Commodities, various kinds of derivatives and all related financial services. If you are a financial market professional who actively supports the Luxembourg financial marketplace, the Board invites you to apply for membership. For more info, please check our section BECOME A MEMBER.


In 1955, for the first time, a professional representation of foreign exchange traders operating in the world financial markets was founded under the name “Association Cambiste International (ACI)”. The association is now called “ACI - FMA” and is an umbrella organization based in Paris, which has more than 60 national associations.

Memorable are the events in 1983 when the Luxembourg Association organised the 25th Annual General Assembly where about 1000 delegates from abroad attended. Another big event was in 2002 when we hosted the 6th ACI European Congress and the 44th Annual General Assembly of ACI.

In recent years, the financial markets have been through a period of exceptional and remarkable change driven by technological progress and a tsunami of regulation. In this new economic framework, completely different from the past, all voluntary associations like LFMA, without any exception, must adapt and innovate in order to survive and need to address all the challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions, financial crises and bank’s cost cutting on education and membership. We believe that is important to understand those changes and reflect them in the strategy of the Association. For this reason at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the 26th of October 2017 an overwhelming support of the members have voted in favour of ending the affiliation with ACI FMA, to rename the Luxembourg Association into LFMA (Luxembourg Financial Markets Association) and adjust the statutes accordingly.


The goal of this new set up is to collaborate with the European associations that have already left ACI FMA and work closely together with them on educational issues and by organising conferences with a special focus on European regulations and other industry relevant topics. After a long discussion, we have noticed that those countries have rebranded their associations focusing all their energy on the binomial: financial education and the entry level program for young professionals. 

LFMA shares the concept that financial education is a key component of a more transparent, stable and trustworthy financial environment. We will promote the mission of financial education through various activities, organising conferences and working groups with a special focus on European markets. With regards to this, we are proud to announce the collaboration with AEFMA Germany and Frankfurt School of Finance in providing two new prestigious certificate programmes for financial markets professionals. 

For more information, please check our section EDUCATION / CERTIFICATION.  

In the meantime we have also worked on setting up the entry-level platform for young professionals in the financial center of Luxembourg offering them the opportunity to continuously develop their knowledge of financial market topics, expand their own network and benefit of the expertise of the senior members of LFMA. In few words, the Association will pay attention to the young professionals, as they approach the world of finance today, looking to become the senior managers of tomorrow. 

With the experience gained in the last years, we will be able to solve all the issues, grow our community and strengthen the Luxembourg financial marketplace. 

The Board of LFMA