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Dear Members of LFMA,

The Board of LFMA is proud to present to you the


In English language for junior financial market professionals in Luxembourg.

LFMA offers this educational programme for beginners in Financial Markets in collaboration with our German partners of AEFMA Deutschland e.V. (AEFMA), Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Finance Trainer Luxembourg s.á.r.l.


The goal of this educational programme is to provide basic expertise in structure and functionality of Money Market & Treasury fields and their products. This includes the underlying mathematics and the economic functionality of the traded financial products.


  • Money Market, STIR and FX traders for up to 2 years work experience
  • Risk managers, banking, and corporate treasurers
  • Employees working in middle office, back office, or operations
  • Institutional investors (funds, pension funds, custodians)
  • Risk controllers (market risk and model validation)
  • Portfolio managers, asset & liability managers
  • Students of Business Administration and Finance
  • Research Associates of University


LFMA decided to offer a programme with flexible time frames according to a candidate’s personal choice. Therefore, the candidates can register for a self-paced online Cyber School provided by Finance Trainer.

The online course is structured around the following topics and prepare for a two-hour examination which will entitle successful examinees for the FMC.

  • Basic financial mathematics
  • Monetary policy
  • Money markets and their derivatives
  • Foreign exchange
  • Options
  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Risk management
  • Processing & bank operations
  • Code of conduct

For more information about the programme, please download the syllabus here


Finance Trainer Cyber School

Programme schedule: Finance Trainer Cyber School is available at any time via internet during a period of 6 months after registration. Workload and tempo can be individually chosen. Candidates get instant feedback to monitor their progress. A qualified Cyber Trainer answers questions as they arise. Please make sure to register at least four weeks before the respective exam date, and make sure that you have completed all the training content including the training tests.

The exam takes place at the premises of Chambres des Métiers, 2 Circuit de la Foire Internationale, 1347 Kirchberg and can be taken on the following dates:

Monday 18th December 2023, Monday 22nd January 2024, and Monday 26th February 2024 from 13:30h to 15:30h

Programme fee: For non-members: EUR 1.900,00 (VAT and exam fee excluded)

For members: EUR 1.300,00 (VAT and exam fee excluded) – please make sure to contact LFMA for the registration!

Registrations for the online training are possible under: Click here

(Directly with Finance Trainer, for non-members)

Registrations for the exam are possible under: Click here

(Please register at least four weeks in advance of the respective exam date, and kindly inform LFMA)

Exam fee: EUR 300,00 (VAT excluded) will be invoiced by Frankfurt School of Finance directly.

Please download the Cyberschool brochure

For any information:

Vincenzo Giunta

691 544 991

Andrea Bauer

621 502 100

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does Cyber School provide training tests?

    Yes, Cyber School provides several training tests at different levels. It is highly recommended to complete all the tests before taking the exam.

  2. Where does the exam take place?

    The exam takes place at the premises of Chambres des Métiers, 2 Circuit de la Foire Internationale, 1347 Kirchberg for all participants.

  3. What do I need for the exam?

    The exam will be held online, a laptop will be provided by Chambres des Métiers. You need a (programmable) calculator. Formula sheets are not allowed.

  4. Where can I register?

    For the Cyber School online training you can register here: Click here

    If you are LFMA member, you can contact LFMA to arrange for the registration to get the reduced price.

    For the exam, please register here: Click here

  5. How long do I have time to register for the exam?

    Please register at four two weeks in advance of the respective exam date, and kindly inform LFMA about the registration.

  6. Is a formula sheet allowed in the exam?

    No, a formula sheet is not allowed in the exam, but you can use a programmable calculator.

  7. What calculator can I use?

    Frankfurt School of Finance recommends the Hewlett Packard HP 17 bii+ calculator (available on Amazon), but any other programmable calculator can be used as well.

  8. Where do I get the invoice from?

    The invoice for the Cyber School online training will be sent by Finance Trainer. The invoice for the exam fee will be sent by Frankfurt School of Finance after registration.