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September 19, 2022
LFMA’s Food & Forex 2023
October 31, 2023

Official Opening of the Luxembourg Financial Year 2023

It is a great honor to officially open the  Luxembourg Financial Year and be back together after a long break with our old and new partners, ICMA and ALRIM.

The pandemic marked the end of a period of relative stability and predictability in geopolitics and economics to the point where unpredictability is the new normal. This was a trigger for LFMA to think differently and it turned out to be a new window for future opportunities. 

New digital tools on one hand and new bridges between national and international institutions on the other hand have helped us better understand the challenges and represent the interests of the industry.

All the financial markets participants are invited to be part of this new path and support our projects through the active participation with ideas, perceptions and views. 

LFMA is firmly convinced that each association has its own important added value to share and our main goal should be to stay united and work closely together for the interest of our financial community.

We are sure to go a long way as long as we keep up the momentum and maintain the pace of efforts. 

Vincenzo Giunta

President of LFMA