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December 14, 2021
September 1, 2021

Biden’s America: The End of Trumpism ?

After weeks of planning and working around Coronavirus restrictions, we are proud to present to you our latest Virtual Conference- “Biden’s America: The End of Trumpism” by Alastair Newton. In this conference, Alastair explores what the aftermath of a Biden victory may look like for the United States, and the world.

Among other in depth analyses, he will therefore be exploring, inter alia:

  • The extent to which a Biden presidency would, initially at least, be more or less totally preoccupied with domestic challenges and what this might imply for markets;
  • The challenges a Biden presidency would face getting legislation through a deeply polarised Congress even if the Democrats secure a Senate majority;
  • Whether in the international arena a President Biden really would be able to turn the clock back to a “normal” foreign policy and what his efforts to do so could imply for friends and foes alike;
  • In particular, the extent to which deepening strategic rivalry between China and the US would still permit the world’s two largest economies to work together addressing shared challenges such as climate change;
  • Where the China/US rivalry leaves Europe; and,
  • Whether a Biden victory would see the end of Trumpism; or should we be braced for a possible return to ‘America First’, and all it implies, in 2025

We are certain you will enjoy this conference as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you and hope you can gain some valuable insights from it. We would like to thank the keynote speaker, Alastair Newton for returning for this year’s US election conference after his wonderful presentation last year. Last but not least we would also like to thank Michael Schneider President of AEFMA Germany for doing this conference in conjunction with LFMA for the benefit and interest of the members of both associations.

Please find below the link to the virtual conference on Vimeo:

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