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ABBL Conference: “The Benchmarks Reform”
March 26, 2019
Euro Treasury Working Group
June 20, 2019

IBORs transition: Are we ready for the challenge?

On June 13th LFMA, together with its partners ABBL and the Euro Treasury Working Group hosted the panel "IBORs Transition: Are we ready for the challenge?" where distinguished and seasoned speakers discussed the different issues that may arise during the transition phase as well as further into the future.
Talking about the financial market is a good way to identify needs, enrich open discussion and make headway in achieving the primary goal of preparation for the IBORs transition, not only within your institution, but also to be able to give you're your clients clarity on what is involved in the transition.
A heartfelt thank you goes to Banque de Luxembourg for hosting the conference, Refinitiv for sponsoring the event and also for providing the moderator of the panel.
The conference was closed after a networking cocktail at Hotel Royal enabling the participants to share their takeaways and experiences between themselves.